Value is More Important than Frequency when It Comes to Email Marketing

People aren’t able to make decisions anymore because there are just too many choices within that decision.

Isn’t that the truth? With so many digital marketing choices where do you turn? Do you choose to use social media marketing, content marketing, PPC or email marketing? This can be an important decision, especially if you have a limited marketing budget.

Email Marketing is Where It’s At

Today, I want to talk about email marketing. This is probably the foundation of your digital marketing efforts, and all marketers need to keep up with their email marketing strategies, as marketing experts and research companies still sThe Statsee email marketing communications as the top method of reaching clients when done right.

According to a recent 2014 study conducted by a customer acquisition firm, called McDowall, email is still one of the most preferred marketing channels among Internet users across all age groups.  However, this statistic does not mean all email marketing is kosher, nor does it give email marketers the “go ahead” to spam Inboxes with generic messages. When we refer to email marketing, we are talking about email that is relevant, on target and personalized.  These are the consumer responses to the different types of email marketing efforts.

The Stats

  • 35% of consumers say that email marketing is helpful when they inform of important upcoming sales and offers.
  • 4% say this marketing method is very useful when a company makes the right offer and knows exactly what the consumer wants.
  • 14 % said it was annoying and that the advertising was not targeted towards them and did not offer items they might be interested in.
  • 39% said that emails that are too frequent will cause them to unsubscribe.


Notice that there are key elements here, one is frequency, and the other is relevance. In other words, the key to good email marketing doesn’t lie in spamming consumers or sending a bunch of unrelated email offers. Instead it involves sending quality offers and information that is customized to the specific group of people you are sending it to.

Consumers just don’t want to see too many non-related, branded messages in their inbox, but what they do want to see is something they might really like. Helpful emails were considered ok to send as long as the information was interesting. So the key to success is personalized communications.

You want to make a popular marketing channel even more popular by curbing the frequency and increasing the value.



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