Utility ads provide a product or service that you need.

Ads That Provide Real Value

When it comes to digital marketing, many advertising agencies still cling on to the old idea that more is better, and so they flood the internet with their ads. They stick banner and display ads anywhere and everywhere in the hopes someone might actually click on them.

Evidence shows this strategy just doesn’t work. In fact, fewer than 0.1% of these ads are ever clicked on. Worse still, the overwhelming majority of clicks come from the same, quite small group of users, meaning that standard display ads are really only targeting a tiny percentage of your audience.

This doesn’t mean that display advertising doesn’t work, but it does mean that it takes quite a bit of time and effort to create the right ads and to know exactly where and when they should be displayed to get the most out of them.

While we at uluad believe banner ads are better suited for increasing brand awareness, we have come to realize that one of the most effective marketing strategies is using utility ads.

You should use utility ads in your marketing strategy.

Utility marketing involves understanding the needs of your target audience and then advertising in a way that makes the customer aware of these needs. You need to show people why your products or services are important and how they can provide real value to them. In essence, this marketing strategy involves creating ads that engage your target audience so that they will not only click on the ad, but that their click will actually be turned into a conversion.

The Future of Digital Marketing

uluad believes this is the future of advertising. In today’s competitive digital marketplace, it’s incredibly important that your ads speak to your audience and stand out from all of the other digital ads they see on a daily basis. Did you know the average internet user sees nearly 2,000 ads each month? You have to find a way to make each customer connect with your company. They won’t know about your company without some form of marketing and advertising, so this is really your only chance to develop and foster a connection.

There are many different components of effective utility ads. First and foremost, you have to know where and when the ads should be shown. If you’re trying to market a product to a younger audience, you shouldn’t be placing your ads on sites with mostly middle aged visitors.

There are four main factors that go into creating effective utility ads: time, place, form and possession. The time utility is knowing when there will be the highest demand for the products or services that you offer, and then focusing your advertising efforts on this particular time. Place utility is knowing exactly where to put your ads to make them most visible to your target audience. Form and possession utilities involve showing your customers that your company or products can offer some real value to them. It shows why they should choose you and demonstrates how you can help improve their lives or provide them with something they need.

At uluad, we believe that, collectively, all of these aspects are critical for engaging with the right audience and persuading them to turn their click into a conversion.

How Uluad Does Utility Marketing

uluad has proven this strategy to be incredibly effective for almost all of our clients, whether it’s business-to-business marketing or targeting a specific group of potential customers. We start by researching and analyzing your business, your audience and where and when to best connect with them so that we know where to put your ads.

From there, we create your ads—continually testing different copy, images and whatever else we can to determine which methods work best to engage your audience. We use native advertising to provide real value with our ads, instead of focusing solely on search advertising, banner ads, etc. uluad also places a major emphasis on the landing pages your ads redirect to. It’s all about trying to turn that click into a conversion, and this is exactly what a well thought out, well designed landing page can do.

An effective marketing strategy starts by placing yourself in the mind of your audience and fully understanding their needs so you can get your ads to speak to them. This is why we place so much emphasis on utility ads and why we take the time to do it right. It’s definitely not easy, but we have the proven results to show just how effective it can be. We would love to show you the way it can benefit your business.