Use Google Analytics to Stop Wasting Remarketing Dollars

One of the most frustrating aspects of digital marketing is that no matter how much money you put into remarketing – – some website visitors just aren’t interested in your offer.

Let’s stop wasting remarketing dollars on people that aren’t into you.

The following tips can help you stop wasting money on those consumers that will never buy from you.

There’s no question the remarketing gets you incremental conversions. There’s no better audience, then the consumers were already familiar with your service. They are good prospects and your remarketing efforts push them down the funnel.

But that’s not always the case. Not everyone who visits your site is actually out to buy your product. Some of those people may just be people with big fingers that accidentally click on your ad.

You need to face it that some people are just visiting your website to look at your pictures and maybe you’re content. But these three strategies, using Google analytics can ensure that your marketing efforts are actually targeting the people you want, your potential customers.


Check the Data

Many marketers choose remarketing campaign to target an audience of site visitors within the last 30 days. And there’s nothing wrong with that. This is actually good starting point but there are certain parts of your website the probably don’t warrant this inclusion.

For instance, you may not want to direct a remarketing campaign at traffic that has visited your career page or for current customers your contact page.

To find the pages that currently attract customers, use Google analytics to check the “Behavior” category followed by the “Site Content” and then be “Landing Pages” option. Look for the landing pages that have a high session numbers with no conversions. These are probably the content pages that are driving users were not interested in purchasing. This may be a blog entry or other content that’s great for SEO but not necessarily for your remarketing efforts. When creating your remarketing plan, exclude these audiences from your campaign.


Leverage the audience that is into you

People visit a website for any number of reasons, and not just because they are “looking to buy”. For instance, as an online business owner you may spend lots of time browsing your competitor websites. You don’t have any intention of buying do you? But you do want to see their content, products and marketing techniques right? So other website owners, content marketers or researchers may also be looking at your site without having the intention of buying anything.

So how do you separate the people that are interested from those who are only looking?

In your PPC campaigns go to “All Campaigns” and select “Acquisition>Campaigns” and filter out these categories by setting your secondary dimension to affinity category

How can you separate the truly interested people from the looky-loos? Go to the “All Campaigns” report under Acquisition > Campaigns and for your remarketing campaigns. Then, set your Secondary Dimension to “Affinity Category (reach).” This will tell you the audience your words campaign is targeting; now it may not tell you exactly why these people. You site, but it does offer you information that allows you to exclude users who are just not interested.

For instance, if you have services that are targeted to parents, and you seem to be having a lot of clicks from children who click on your advertisement by mistake, you can filter out categories such as “Comics and Animation Fans” or “Avid Gamers.” When you add these as negative audiences, stop wasting ad dollars on people you know are not in buying your product.


Take Control of Your Remarketing Plans

hopefully these tips can help you better control your remarketing dollars, and this gives you better staff from users that are really interested in those who aren’t. Eliminating these categories of uninterested traffic will reduce your we marketing spending.

Once you start implementing these tactics and separating your prospects from your non-prospects, you’ll start discovering your own methods of finding those unqualified audiences and eliminating them from the PPC campaigns.


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