Facebook Groups as Good as Sparkling Wine

Walk into the grocery store, go to the wine section, and the first thing you notice is the huge variety.

In fact there are so many wine types that the selection can easily confuse you. You practically have to be a wine connoisseur to differentiate the types and flavors.

There are obvious differences here. We can distinguish that white and red wine are different in color, so they are probably different in taste as well.

But the difference goes even deeper than that. The taste can not only be influenced by color but also by brand, year and even geographic location of the grape growth.

What does the grocery store wine department have to do with Facebook?

By now you’ve heard that Facebook can help grow your business. So you’ve quickly created a page, and you post away. But most business owners assume that Facebook is all the same, just as most non wine drinkers assume that wine is all the same. And this can prevent a business owner from experiencing significant branding and networking opportunities as well as sales growth.

You Could be Losing Out

Why? Well because Facebook has many different options other than a simple personal profile or business page. These options can help grow your business and get it known. What I’m talking about is  Facebook Groups.

What are Facebook Groups?

These are groups of people with similar interests. So if your business is sales related you would want to become a member of Facebook Sales groups. If it were industry related, then groups within that interest might be beneficial. Essentially these are groups of members with similar interests.

Do you want to connect to targeted groups of people?

Do you want to be more visible and have more interaction on Facebook?

Then joining different interest groups on Facebook has a distinct benefit. Facebook groups allow businesses to connect and network with industry colleagues as well as customers and audiences with like interests.

Increased Visibility

Facebook groups offers visibility because people who belong to these groups have a similar interest to your own, and they get notifications about your posts and discussions.

The Possible Disadvantage

The only downside to joining different groups is that you need to join from your personal profile – a business page can’t join a group. Facebook allows you to join up to 6,000 groups, but most business owners only effectively use 10 to 20 – those where they can make a notable difference.

Things to Think about Before Joining a Group

Before selecting a group, analyze it to see if it is a good fit for your business. Study the location, number of members and if possible the activity the group has. Even if you do join a group and then find it doesn’t fit your needs, you can leave.

  •  A good way to figure out whether a group is a good fit is to read the mission statement in the “About” section.
  • Look for groups that have value, where members participate. It’s not going to bring you value if it’s just a bunch of sales messages with no real participation.

Look for Suggestions

If unsure as to the type of groups you want to join you can look for Facebook suggestions. These are in the left sidebar under Groups and then “Find New Groups.” Facebook offers suggestion based on your interests and activity in other groups.