5 Tips to Make Your Social Media Campaigns Rock

Like a heavy rain…

It often seems like social media services, ideas are on a constant downpour; you want to ignore it but do you really think you should?

I’ve resisted the idea of social media advertising for a long time, believing that there are many other better advertising tools in this age of digital marketing, and while organic and free social strategies go a long way towards increasing your websites visibility, I now think it’s time to seriously consider advertising on social media platforms.

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What I think is effective today is this:

If you spend money on digital advertising, social media ads can earn you some very good returns – and in some cases it can also be the cheapest way to reach people.

There are Best Practices Now

Some 10 years ago, social media marketing was a relatively new practice, there were no rules to the game, but today there are many top social media advertising experts that are pioneering the way and showing us what the best practices are and which strategies work best for social media advertising.

At Uluad we continue to dip our toes further into social ads for our customers, because it brings in successful conversions. There are a ton of things we’ve tried, but I want to share 7 tips that have helped us drive those social media ads home.

Multiple Versions of Social Media Marketing Advertisements

When we write headlines for posts or pages, we come up with about 15 or more headlines. This helps  us create more than a few advertisements.  We create several versions of the copy and test them with different images. Then we test to see what draws the audiences in.

We have several versions of ads and anything that comes in lower than 1.5 CTR after a few hours, we deactivate.  So the strategy is this:

  1. Create a number of ad variations.
  2. Analyze the stats to see what works
  3. Deactivate or remove ads that don’t perform well.

This button helps focus your ad and enhances the call to action making the reader take action and go to the site you direct him towards.

  1. Create a Custom Landing Page

If the idea is to convert, or signup then you have to think of what a person will do once they click on the button.

Social media ads work in a two step process. You have to create the advertisement.

But you also have to create the destination. Where is your reader going? You have to direct him towards what you want him to do.  The most successful social media agencies often use a custom landing page; it is where the copy carries them from the ad to the landing page to the SALE.

And the more targeted your advertisement the more targeted your landing page should be. This works well with e-commerce sites that want to target a single product or on a special offer.

Get the Price Out into The Open!
An interesting social media marketing tip that many experts agree on is to get the price right out into the open. You want to pre-qualify your traffic and only want people to click on the advertisement when they feel comfortabl paying  the price.

The key to picking up on this comfort is to clearly state your price.

  1. Offer Discounts

In recent Facebook surveys, more than 60% of all users suggested that they were more likely to click on a discounted offer. So if you want to be more successful at social media marketing, be sure to mention a discount I your campaigns.


Just a Cup of Coffee! That’s All It Takes to Get 4,000 Visitors

Hmm! There seem to be fewer visitors than ever on your Facebook page. Is it your imagination? Or what’s going on? Well, you aren’t imagining things. Facebook wants businesses to pay up to see content.


Free Facebook No Longer Works or At Least Not As Well as It Did

Yes. Ladies and gentlemen, the free ride is over, no matter how many fans you had. Even if your fan base has grown by 200%,  fewer and fewer people are seeing your updates.

Facebook has deliberately cut back on the number of views your content gets. Why? Well, Facebook is a business too, and needs to make money. But hey. Wait a minute. Facebook isn’t expensive, in fact, you can Facebook advertise  for less than what you pay for a daily cup of coffee.
That’s right for as little as a couple of dollars a way you can become the apple of your readers eyes again. After all people are used to social media, and engaging with clients here is effective, so why not pay Google that small fee for increasing your ROI significantly.

Facebook Ads Are Effective

Last year, we saw a notable change on Facebook, the incorporation of Ads, and this is effective providing you or your service provider target your audience correctly.

Aha! The targeting is the crucial element in seeing that increase in ROI. That’s right. You can’t just place an ad and expect for the right people to see it. You have to specify to Facebook which audiences you want to target; explain your demographics; the age of your targeted customer; his interests; geographic location and many other factors.

 Are Facebook Ads Popular?

Of course, otherwise why would so many businesses continue to use Facebook, even when the free exposure is now limited. Facebook ads can be very cheap, providing you plan your advertising out carefully.  Really, where else can you get as many as 4,000 new impressions per day for just a couple of dollars a day?  In contrast to any other advertising method, Facebook ads are effective and cost conscious, making them a possible solution for almost any business.

How Can Facebook Help?

We’ve mentioned it time and time again, Facebook can build awareness for a business, providing they are targeted to the right audience. This creates a devoted following and higher demand at a very low cost.

By promoting at least one good post a day, a website owner can reach a higher targeted audience and sell more services or products.  This is the way to increase that engagement you seem to be losing.