How Does PPC Fit Your Internet Marketing Strategy?

PPC is not a business or a type of aspirin. It refers to Pay Per Click advertising online. And while many marketing directors will rave about its effects, you have to really understand Pay Per Click and how it works to understand the real benefits. This guide will show you the basics of how PPC works. This offers you an opportunity to learn about our PPC management style and help you decide on whether you would like us to manage your pay per click campaign.

What Is It?

Pay per click advertising is a way to get visitors to your web page, especially when you need immediate traffic.

But without the right management, PPC can be very risky as you could spend a fortune, get a lot of the  wrong kind of traffic and end up with not much to show for your investment.

PPC is a type of advertising that is sold at auction. You bid what you are willing to pay for a click on an ad. If you bid the most, you have the chance of making a first place ranking in the sponsored results at the top of the search engine results. Note, that we did mention you have the opportunity, and that’s because there are other things that influence your raking and this is categorized as “Quality Score” which we will explain a bit further down.

Basically when a person clicks on the PPC listing they go to your website and you are charged the amount you bid. So when you bid $.15 per click on the keyword you want, and that is the highest bid, you are more than likely to get that first place listing. If you get 100 click then the search engine or PPC service will make a $15.00 charge.

How PPC can Be Bad

If left unchecked, or when keywords aren’t chosen carefully, it can be easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of bidding and paying, which could mean you spend more than what you get back. In fact, EGO bidding, where you decide you must have a number one listing no matter what can cost thousands of dollars.

More importantly, this can cause a lot of junk traffic which can suck the life out of your campaign. That’s where using a pay per click management service can help, as this professional team distributes results to several search engines and sites via content networks and search partners.

Another disadvantage is that PPC doesn’t scale well. When you get more traffic you pay more money, and your overall costs can increase.

What are The Benefits of PPC?

PPC generates immediate traffic. The premise is simple, spend on advertising, get a top placement and potential customers will see you and click on your site. If people are searching for your keywords and you’ve written a good add then you will get more customers. Sometimes you can get targeted traffic in a matter of minutes instead of months like natural search engine marketing can take. Plus Pay Per Click lets you make adjustments immediately, within just a few minutes.

Plus, let’s not forget, PPC can be a bargain when done right. You can find keyword niches at about $.10 per click, which is a bargan and can help you generate tons of traffic.

What Part Does PPC Play in the Internet Marketing Process?

It may not be a good idea to rely solely on PPC advertising. It’s true, PPC can be too expensive and bids tend to climb,but Pay per Click can also be very beneficial and a crucial element in the digital marketing process because it offers:

Campaign and topic related traffic: When you have a short term sale of a product or service can be a great way to get a lot of traffic in a short amount of time. Best of all, you can start a campaign in a short period of time, often within about 24 hours. Need to change something in your campaign ad? You don’t have to worry here with PPC either as you can make adjustments mid campaign. So when you need a lot of attention in a short period of time, PPC is the way to go and these are the reasons when it can be the best option:

Direct Buy

PPC works well for those instant gratification purchases. So if you have a website where people can buy something directly from you this type of advertising works well. So PPC works well with e-commerce so if you have an online store, PPC works well for you website.

Niche Related Traffic

When you need traffic for a highly specific niche related website, PPC can be a bargain – often just a few cents on the dollar.

In essence, the key to success with PPC is FOCUS. Other forms of digital marketing require long term approaches to grow a brand, whereas PPC is a form of paid advertising with a short to medium term goal in mind. It offers a way of concentrating quickly on conversions and not just an overall increase in traffic.

What We are Saying is This…

While it may be true that PPC can end up being expensive, it also is very effective, especially when you have some direct short term sales goals. This is a digital marketing method that should work in conjuction wiht other more long term and permanent digital marketing efforts.

And whatever the argument not one digital marketing expert can question this: PPC gets results quickly. It is a short term focus that can start bringing in sales quickly.