5 PPC Predictions that Make Your Conversions Skyrocket

“Set your goals!”

That’s what  you hear from every business Advertising online guru when you start talking about PPC advertising.

However, as many, you might just be overestimating your abilities in a one-year time period, and then be underestimating them in the long run because you just decide to give up.


Well that’s easy to answer; You give up! You don’t hit that yearly sales goal and you certainly don’t get that ten year sales growth you’d like.

What’s happening? Well, many might say it is procrastination  – or Akrasia (the state of acting against your better judgement), that interferes with attaining your yearly Business Advertising Online goals.

But I don’t think procrastination is what keeps an entrepreneur from making those great sales goals. Nope! It’s actually a lack of information or knowledge.

What are you talking about?

I’m sorry but I just have to say this. Despite the statistics, business owners still don’t understand that Pay per Click Advertising and business online marketing methods can get the results they want.  “

There is success in your business future! Just visualize it and reach out!

There really is a lot you can accomplish in just a year when working with Business Advertising Online, and it all starts when you implement an effective PPC plan.

Why Should Pay per Click be My Business Advertising Online Choice?

This has been an ever changing year in the industry of paid search advertising.  There are many different changes, upgrades and new features that really make a difference. Yes, PPC is the way to go this year, and the recent innovations, changes and updates that will occur this year, make PPC advertising even more exciting and something you really need to consider budgeting for your yearly marketing plan.

How Can the New PPC Updates and Changes Help My Website?

PPC gets you on a first page of the search engines, and fast! It is the place where audiences can find your website, click on the link and get to your products. PPC has always been effective, but, certainly, this year, it will be even better because new innovations are in the works, and these will give audiences more interaction, more pleasure and keep the advertisers products in the buyers sight more frequently.

So What Are These Changes?

The following 5 predictions for paid search are astounding. In reading these future changes you’ll understand how PPC can be a real asset to your business.

  1. The New Experience-Based PPC

Ok, so when you go shopping for a new vehicle you probably wouldn’t dream of buying one without going for a test drive. You wouldn’t buy a new outfit without trying it on either. This is the act of experiencing a product

In 2015, Google apps found that a majority of the apps in the Google store were only used once after installation. Still worse was that 1 in 4 apps have never been used in the app store. This led to the creation of the virtual machines on the Cloud platform which allows potential customers to try out an app for 60 seconds before they need or make a decision to purchase.

This has led to an idea for those in the PPC division. The concept allows users to have a visual feel for what a product can do before making a product. To make it simple, it will work similar to a product demo. So advertisements will be interactive, and advertisers will be able to showcase their various products via galleries.

2016 will be the year we witness interactive ads that make users feel like they are interacting with an actual product.

  1. Better Look-Alike Audience Interaction

Google defines a Look-Alike audience as one that indicates a genuine interest in the topic that represents your business. This is a feature made popular by Facebook, but now being adopted by Google.

The look-alike audience is a group or groups of people that are interested in your brand. During the next year we can expect to see a closer relevance and affinity with the look-alike audiences, and this should help improve conversions.

    More interactivity for Shopping Campaigns

In the last year Google has made advertisements more interactive. Just a few months ago Google introduced ads that allow mobile users to see more information on a product. This includes ratings and availability in nearby stores.  In 2016 business owners will want to take advantage of PPC as this trend will expand even further, allowing for features such as rotating images and others that will create more user engagement.

  1. Increased Branding Options

Businesses can no longer rely on organic search engine results alone. Paid searches outrank organic searches and are more likely to be clicked on by audiences because they are located higher up on the search engine directory page.

  1. Improved Personal Targeting

Last year SEO gurus predicted in-depth personal targeting, and while there is still much work to be done here, for 2016 platforms like Google Adwords and Bing Ads will use more personal targeting for advertisements.

Final Thoughts

The future of Pay per Click Advertising looks very bright. In way, we can say that just about anything could happen. It is a blend of predictions and surprise that will bring the best service.  I’m sure after trying some of the PPC advertising you’ll agree that the new PPC features add lots of pleasant surprises, and in the end increase conversions more effectively.