How Do I Analyze My Mobile PPC Traffic?

Web comes from a variety of different locations and from different devices. Today we all know that mobile technology has become a major player and is ever growing.

As a digital marketing business owner, you want all of your web real estate to convert and create more revenue, but especially your PPC advertising as this can be expensive. So you need to ensure that the road taken is the shortest and easiest route to your product or service. That’s why it has become really important to understand your advertising campaigns, especially when your PPC efforts also relate to mobile device users.

We offer a comprehensive guide to understanding the data available on your PPC campaigns for your mobile device customers. The point is to show you better ways of reaching out towards these users with pay per click advertising that draws their attention.

So the first and foremost question of the day is whether your product or services are of interest to mobile device users. To know this you need to determine the number of users who click on your PPC ads from a mobile device.

How to See Your Mobile Audience

By now you’ve probably heard that mobile searchers have outgrown that desktop or laptop searches. So does this information really affect you? Well, it does mean that at least some of your customers are using mobile devices to reach your business. But just how much of your audience is mobile? That’s the information you need to know.

Get a clear picture of who your mobile paid audience is by using either Bing  or Google adwords. The platform you use will depend on which company you are using for your PPC advertising.

Google AdWords

When you are on the “campaign” tab, select the “Settings” then “Devices”. From here you’ll see the “Mobile” option. This will give you the visitor numbers from this type of specific device. At this point you can filter the results per campaign you’re running or see entire numbers for the whole account.

On Bing Ads:

Open the Bing dashboard for your ad campaigns and go to “Reports.” Select an account, campaign or ad reports type. Choose the types of devices you want to add to your reports. Then select “Download” to get an Excel file for the numbers in under that type of device.

Knowing who your mobile audience is can help to create a powerful SEM strategy, but you also want to be able to monitor the data over long periods of time, and this is where Google analytics can help.

Monitoring Long-Term Mobile Traffic

Use Google analytics lyrics to keep track of your mobile traffic trends and to find out whether it continues to grow or why it doesn’t. Here’s how you do that:

Select the “Audience” tab and then choose “Mobile” then “Overview.” This will give you the statistics over the long date ranges such as years and months, showing you the number of mobile clicks you get for your ad campaigns. You can filter your search down to the day, week or month by choosing those options that are located over the graph.

You can also use Google analytics to compare the amount of web traffic you get from a PC to that you receive over mobile devices. To do this just click on the “Goal Set” option to see this data.


5 Reasons You Don’t Need PPC Advertising

No-Sale_registerWhen I hear people saying they don’t need PPC advertising, I think of an old Mexican parable I once heard.
A successful business man goes up to a poor man lying on a Mexican beach and asks: Why don’t you look for a job? I’ll give you a job if you want.”
The poor man asks, “Why do I want a job?”
“Well so you can eat, have a home and live a more comfortable life?” suggests the business man.
The poor man looks around and says, “I already eat and points to the coconuts hanging from the coconut palm. My home is here in my hammock under the tree. See how comfortable it is. And I already relax most of the time, so my life is comfortable. Tell me again, why do I need a job?
PPC is also like that. There are certain times when PPC is just not for you, so let’s look at 5 reasons why you shouldn’t use PPC.
1. PPC Brings Instant Website Traffic
You may not be ready for people to come and look at your website. After all, you’ve spent a fortune on it. It took you lots of time and now it looks beautiful. You could sit there and stare at it for hours on end, so why would you want to share that with anyone?
PPC advertising is a proven way of bringing lots of people to a website. In fact, statistics show that PPC can double or triple the traffic that comes to the website. This means you would have a lot of people admiring your website, and you have to share your website’s “specialness.” Which isn’t very fair, whenever I find a great service, hairstylist, restaurant, or cool place to go, I don’t want to share it with other people. That’s my special secret. Personally, I’m fine with just 5 to 10 visitors on my site. It keeps things simple.
2. More Sales
Statistics suggest that pay-per-click advertising can increase sales by as much as 40%. But do you really want increased sales? That would mean you have to buy or make more of your product, or hire more people to offer your service. More sales means more work so who needs it.
3. It’s Extremely Measurable
PPC lets you measure every part of your sales campaign. It tells you which dds do well, which need help, what keywords to target, see how many people come to your website through the PPC advertising, and even see how many people buy your product from the advertising campaign. While these measurements might be of interest to a lot of businesses, if you are a fly by the seat of your pants kind of entrepreneur then this just might not be the solution for you.
4. PPC Offers a Competitive Edge
PPC allows even the smallest one-man business to compete with the larger brands. Your advertising budget can be small and still be effective. But if you aren’t interested in offering your customers a ‘Big company’ image, and you just want to be known as good ole “Joe” the fixit guy. If you are only interested in sporadic work then maybe PPC isn’t the right choice.
5. Target Local Customers
Pay-per-click advertising is one of the fastest ways to target customers. But if your business only targets friends, family and those who really know you – and you aren’t interested in acquiring any new customers, then you are probably right, you don’t need PPC.

Bottom Line
All of the above reasons are excellent arguments for not investing in PPC advertising. But if these are the reasons, then tell me, why did you invest in a website? And why are you in business? Just like the poor Mexican you can live comfortably as you are. It just really depends on the goals you set for yourself. Truth is, PPC is one of the most inexpensive ways of advertising for the ROI you get. It works and it’s effective. Do we really need to convince you?

7 PPC Trends for 2015

What’s next for PPC marketing? That’s what every expert out there is rushing to figure out, and considering how often Google makes updates and how many new ad products we see unleashed each year, with good reason.

The only thing we know for certain is change

And while no one is certain of what’s next, we can certainly make a few educated guesses of where the PPC industry is headed. The end-of-year is the best time to take a step back and review the year, then plan for our markeitn future. The following are a few useful insights  and predictions of what we might expect in the upcoming year.

ppc trends for 2015

Get Mobile Ready

In 2014 we saw a huge increase in click throughs form smartphones, and this is expected to increase through 2015. We also might see search engines adopt mobile-specific features that they are already testing.  Although mobile is not new, the majority of advertisers haven’t upgraded their websites so they are viewable on mobile devices as yet. We predict that mobile PPC will go even more mainstream by 2015.

 Bigger and Better Persona Targeting

In a recent conversation with John Gagnon of Bing, we learned that retargeting will become more mainstream.  Ads will be set according to how a person interacted with a website, we’ll build a bigger pool of targeted audiences based on this site activity.

 Increase in People-Based PPC

I think we’ll see a rise in social media marketing solutions that will change the way we work with PPC. Our ability to interconnect the PC and phone devices, and our ability to upload pictures, information and emails can make PPC marketing feel more like email marketing.

 PPC advertising will Work Better with the Current Content

In 2015, expert marketers believe online ads will increase revenue more than ever before. More people are adding content everyday, and that means this content can support more ads which leads to profits on all sides.

 Google will Phase out Keyword Targeting

Some PPC specialists believe that Google will phase out keyword targeting and instead use alternate targeting methods such as psychographic audience targeting, product feeds and page crawling.

Priority on the Marketing Message

Today we see a small shift from standard PPC ads to marketers who are now testing the message, either by device, style or tactic. This testing offers the making of a successful marketing campaign.

 Video Ads Will Be Big

We believe there will be a substantial growth in video advertising. Some predictions place Facebook video advertising revenue at $7.2 billion by 2015 and YouTube’s revenue is predicted to grow from last year’s $4 billion to $31 billion by 2024.


PPC 101: Help! Do I Really Need a PPC Agency?


We are all experts in our own little niches.” But not everybody is an expert in PPC! That’s why hiring the right PPC Agency could be the ticket to REAL online marketing success.


Let´s face it: when it comes to scheduling all the social media and internet marketing activities needed to drive traffic to your website and advertise your services or products to a universe of prospects, you might feel a little bit overwhelmed. That’s why hiring the services of a good PPC (pay-per-click) agency can dramatically raise your chances of having a successful advertising campaign.

What Is It?

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is a basic internet marketing tool model in which advertisers pay for each ad clicked usually via an advertising platform. The most common reason why PPC campaigns don´t produce positive results is that advertisers are not able to manage them properly. With poor management, businesses and individuals can spend a fortune, generate many visits and end up with nothing to show for it.

People tend to think that because PPC targets users who are looking for these specific products and services, it will be an easy process; one that won´t take a lot of money or a lot of time. When in reality, the complete opposite is true.


ppc advertising


This is a very High Maintenance Job

You could end up spending a lot of time and  money before you see any measurable results. This is just one reason for hiring the right PPC agency. In the end, leaving the task to the experts will save you money.

It is an Attractive Option

PPC is attractive because it drives highly targeted traffic to a website very quickly.  However, it’s not as simple as paying Google for the advertising. The drawback is that this type of marketing requires a lot of knowledge and experience;  You need to target your audience correctly.

A good PPC agency will commit time and resources to design a PPC advertisement campaign. They will consider all aspects of the campaign, including design and keyword analysis and management. Ths is a team that will pay close attention to keyword bid prices and functionality of the bids, so that your advertising dollar is put to effective use.

PPC professionals have experience across different advertising platforms. These are experts in the field, and  have an acute knowledge for managing and monitoring specific PPC campaigns, knowledge  that you yourself may not have. The benefits of hiring a professional PPC agency to handle your campaign outweigh the costs and allow you to focus on running your business. Save yourself the time and money and let a professional PPC agency run online marketing campaigns. Call use today to find out how truly affordable this type of PPC advertising really is.