6 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Features You May not Know Existed (But Should)

descarga (2)Social media networks are fast becoming the hub of our online marketing universe…and best of all they keep adding cool features that businesses and users really need. Unfortunately, sometimes there just isnt someone there to tell us that these features are available—especially when there isn’t a big announcement.

For example did you know you can reorder the sections of your Facebook business page? Did you know you can embed a slideshare presentation into a tweet? That you can add relationship notes to a linkedIn connection. There are a lot of different, new features that many of us just aren’t aware of. So check em out.


Save it for later.

Have you seen those articles in your news feed and wished you could bookmark them so you can refer to them later? Now you can. Facebook has a new feature that allows you to save links to articles, music, shows and more. Just click the downward arrow on the top right-hand corner in the post and click the “Save” option.  Then just go to the home page and choose the “Saved” in the left hand column or you can go here .

Find Conversations

Use the search bar at the top of Facebook not just to find names but also to search for conversations. Use a few keywords to have Facebook come up with the conversation


Poll People in an Event or Group

Facebook doesn’t allow you to poll on business pages but you can poll users I groups and events. Just select the “Ask a Question” page inside the status update bar and select the multiple choice options you want. You can use this to ask the audience for feedback.

Edit Photos

Now you can edit photos directly in Facebook. Enhance it, crop or rotate and apply a filter. Give the photo a single tap then use the options available on the bottom of the screen window.


Embed a SlideShare Presentation

Followers can flip through a presentation without having to leave Twitter. Just link the presentation and it will embed itself automatically.

Analyze your Tweets

Almost everyone has Twitter and now you can use Twitter Analytics to see the engagement you have.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the cool new features on social media platforms and these are continually being added or changed. Research new changes periodically as these can make your posts easier to manage.