PPC and Social Media Ads Work; But You Gotta Answer the Customer Questions Please!

Hurry up!

It’s important that you get that response to the question the customer asked in as soon as possible. This is crucial to the return on your investment.

Everyone wants to win at business; to do things no one else can do; or no one else is able to do.

 But how do we do it? Sometimes it all starts will making small changes. And one of the best ways to stand out from other online businesses is to offer a very fast response time.

What do I mean?

In the online world, it’s very common for opportunities to come through on your social media platforms and blog.

These are often customer or business comments and questions; sometimes you even get great offers. But if you don’t pay attention; if you don’t respond to these comments, you could lose out. Not only that, but you also make customers feel left out.

By responding quickly to exchanges, blog comments social media comments, you let your customers know that you care, that you are willing to go the extra mile. And that leads to a more loyal following and more customers.

Quick and relevant intervention leads to a change in behavior and to more success. Statistics, show that customers and other successful businesses associations make decisions quickly,  and we see time and time again that response times matter. The responses to these comments or questions are linked to conversion rates.

Statistics also now show that if you wait an hour to respond to a lead you reduce the conversion rate by 4% and each successive hour leads to further loss of conversions. After 12 hours it’s a 20% and after 24 hours you lose about half your leads.

Here at Uluad we understand the importance of quick response times, however, many businesses still don’t understand how important this is.

Quick response time doesn’t just refer to how quickly you get back to a client. It also refers to how quickly your website responds. How prominent your PPC ads are. These are aspects that can dramatically affect your conversions and this is an important characteristic that affects your winning your client.

Be fast. Don’t take your time when it comes to responding to your clients. Go make calls and then share this article then go make more of those conversions.

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