Transformative Marketing for IFTF's Future Thinking Mission


IFTF (Institute for the Future) is a global leader in future thinking, dedicated to shaping a better and more equitable world through transformative visions. With a focus on challenging short-term thinking, IFTF aims to prepare the world for a future driven by innovation and foresight.

IFTF approached our marketing agency with the primary goal of increasing brand awareness for its mission and core products. The organization sought to introduce itself to a broader audience, explaining the concept of future thinking while promoting its Foresight Essentials and Vantage Partnerships training programs.


Upon taking control of IFTF's Google Ads account, we identified a significant hurdle in the form of inadequate webinar signups. Despite employing diverse ad strategies, low conversion rates persisted. An analysis revealed ineffective ad messaging, prompting us to revise the copy to emphasize the webinar's value proposition for better audience resonance.

Budget optimization presented another challenge, requiring a delicate balance among ad campaigns for maximum ROI. Continuous monitoring and adjustment were crucial to allocate funds effectively, prioritizing campaigns, channels, and keywords with the highest conversion rates for webinar signups.

Perfecting targeting parameters also posed challenges, requiring ongoing testing and tweaking to identify ideal demographics, interests, and online behaviors. Experimentation with various combinations enhanced the Google Ads campaign's performance for webinar signups.


Our approach began with a thorough keyword research process to identify high-performing keywords related to foresight, webinars, and essential topics. We optimized ad content accordingly to maximize relevance. Additionally, we leveraged demographic targeting and user behavior analysis to refine audience targeting, ensuring our ads reached the most relevant and interested individuals.

Continuous monitoring and analysis of campaign performance metrics allowed us to make data-informed adjustments to bidding strategies, ad creatives, and targeting parameters, optimizing the overall effectiveness of the Google Ads campaign.


The strategy and planning implemented for the Google Ads campaign yielded impressive results from November 2022 to December 2023. With a Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 9.53%, the campaign demonstrated compelling engagement, indicating effective resonance with the audience. The judicious allocation of the $63,516.68 budget led to a noteworthy Conversion Rate of 14.67%, showcasing successful conversion of clicks into desired actions.

A notable achievement in the account was the acquisition of 343 new webinar subscribers. This accomplishment signifies not only quantitative success but also implies that the campaign effectively attracted individuals genuinely interested in the promoted webinars. The combination of high CTR, efficient spending, and a substantial increase in webinar subscribers reflects the overall success of the strategy and planning in achieving the campaign's objectives.

Our transformative marketing approach not only increased brand awareness but also contributed significantly to IFTF's mission of shaping a more innovative and equitable future.


The challenge was low webinar signups despite varied ad strategies. We addressed this by revising ad messaging to emphasize the webinar's value proposition. Budget optimization required continuous monitoring, and prioritizing high-converting campaigns, channels, and keywords.


Our approach began with a thorough keyword research process to identify high-performing keywords related to all essential topics. Additionally, leveraging demographic targeting and user behavior analysis to ensure our ads reach the most relevant and interested individuals.




343 Webinar Subscribers