Elevating Brand Buzz & Clicks with Google Ads Grant Strategy


Established in 1999, the Buck Institute has been a trailblazer in aging research, delving into the biology of aging and proactively addressing age-related diseases. Their unique campus, designed by I.M. Pei fosters collaboration among researchers, ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to the complex issue.
In the pursuit of enhancing brand visibility and driving traffic to their website, the Buck Institute turned to Google Ads. Building on past experiences, their aim this time was clear – to maximize impressions and clicks while minimizing the average cost per click (CPC). The challenge was to curate highly relevant keywords to attract quality traffic.

Challenges & Strategy

The chosen strategy involved a dual approach. First, the team concentrated on integrating specific keywords to streamline traffic and reduce CPC. Second, proactive daily monitoring of incoming search terms allowed for adjustments, including pausing active keywords and incorporating negative ones to optimize Google's bidding algorithm.


The outcomes were impressive. Focusing on specific keywords effectively lowered the CPC to below $3.75, resulting in 31,400 clicks on an ad spend of $118,000. The ongoing optimization of search terms contributed to an increase in conversions. Throughout 2023, the Buck Institute observed a notable achievement, securing 275 new sign-ups to their newsletter. This highlighted the campaign's success not only in driving traffic but also in engaging the audience and achieving meaningful conversions.
The collaboration with Google Ads, coupled with a strategic emphasis on relevant keywords and continuous optimization, proved to be a successful endeavor for the Buck Institute. This case study underscores the importance of a comprehensive approach in digital marketing, emphasizing relevant keywords and ongoing optimization for impactful and measurable results.


The challenge faced by the Buck Institute in their pursuit of enhancing brand visibility and driving traffic through Google Ads centered around the strategic selection of highly relevant keywords.


Our strategy was two-fold. Firstly, concentrate on integrating specific, highly relevant keywords to streamline traffic and minimize the average cost per click (CPC). Secondly, proactively monitor the account to ensure proper traffic.




275 Newsletter Sign-ups