Nonprofit Marketing


Whether you’re a new or existing nonprofit organization, coming up with an effective marketing strategy is one of the first steps towards generating charity fundraising and donations. You need to make your organization visible and let people know about the work that you do, but it can be tough to come up with effective fundraising ideas when you’re on a tight budget.

This can of course lead to major problems and prevent your organization from doing the work it’s intended to do.

For those nonprofit organizations struggling to come up with fundraising ideas, uluad is here to help. We believe that charity starts at home, which is why we dedicate a portion of our business to working with organizations just like yours through our nonprofit marketing program to ensure they get the funding they need to carry on doing their good work.

We have experience in helping NGOs and other charitable organizations effectively market themselves in a way that reaches the largest possible audience so they can continue performing the good deeds they’ve set out to do.