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What Does it Mean to Be a Google Ad Grant Professional Partner?

uluad is proud to be a member of the Google Ads Grants Certified Professional Community, which Google developed worldwide to look after and manage nonprofit organizations’ accounts and help them utilize their grant by driving relevant and substantial engagement and outcomes.

As members, we have access to exclusive educational opportunities to ensure we are up on all the latest and greatest features and functions of the Google Ads grant platform. The benefits also include meeting with a dedicated Google representative on a routine basis to gain new insights and best practices, early access to new platform features, and access to ongoing marketing and training materials.

Google selects agencies that have proven and demonstrated effective management of Google Ad Grant accounts while maintaining the values and goals Google has set forth. Approved agencies must meet and maintain all performance and quality thresholds as well as demonstrate a strong knowledge and grasp for the overall account management of the grant accounts.

Google Grants and YouTube Channels for Nonprofits

One of the most effective advertising strategies is to take advantage of Google’s grant program, which allows eligible nonprofits to receive a $10,000 per month grant in free Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, plus your own branded YouTube channel with all of the extended features that for-profit companies pay tens of thousands of dollars a year for—all of which can go a long way towards increasing your visibility and fundraising dollars.

The Google Ads grant program is a great way to get donations & funding and is the best form of online marketing available, allowing you to send out your message to a much wider audience, getting your message and mission out to the people who matter.

Qualifying for
Google Grants

The first step towards incorporating the free Google Ads suite into your nonprofit marketing is to qualify for them. That’s where uluad comes in. 

To be eligible to receive the Google Ads grant of $10,000 per month in advertising, your organization must have a valid 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. But not all nonprofits are approved for the Google Ads grant. Let us help you qualify your organization for the grant and work to manage your Google Ads account so that it is effective and your message reaches the people who matter.

Effectively Managing Your Google Grant

While it’s pretty amazing that Google offers such a generous charitable nonprofit marketing program for 501(c) (3) organizations, it’s really only worthwhile if you have someone who knows how to effectively manage your Google Ad campaigns and run your YouTube channel. At uluad, we have years of experience with PPC campaigns and video advertising and we’re committed to ensuring your Google grant is put to good use, driving qualified and engaged traffic to your website.

Google has fairly strict requirements in place about how these ads can be used and even about the content on your organization’s website. If these rules are not followed, it could result in you losing your Google grant, valued at $120,000 annually. These decisions are made at Google’s discretion and they can cancel your grant at any point, without notice.

Therefore, it is imperative that your organization chooses a company like uluad, which has the necessary skills, experience and time it takes to make the most out of your free nonprofit marketing opportunities through Google Ad grants. Not only do we want your PPC campaign and YouTube channel to generate increased fundraising, but we will ensure that you remain fully qualified for the program so you don’t risk losing out on Google’s generosity.

uluad’s certified analysts will work closely with your team to develop effective fundraising ideas and continually monitor and analyze your Google Ads account to ensure you make the most of your $10,000/mo in free  advertising. We’ll also help you increase your visibility through YouTube videos, giving potential donors a better idea of what your organization does and why they should contribute to it. uluad is dedicated to providing charitable organizations with the expertise needed to receive the amazing $10,000 per month Google grant—and to make the most of it by driving qualified and engaged traffic to your website.

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