Tell your story in a new way with native advertising

Native Advertising

Possibly the biggest and potentially the most radical change currently taking place in online marketing is the shift towards native advertising. This is truly a revolutionary type of online advertising strategy, because it allows companies to advertise to people in a subtle, natural way.

Although the term is quite broad and covers a variety of types of internet advertising, native advertising basically blends in with the content of a page so that it doesn’t seem like an ad. Instead, it seems like a natural part of the overall content and structure. You’ve probably seen sponsored ads on Facebook and promoted Tweets on Twitter. These are native advertisements shouldn’t be confused with the standard banner and display ads that you see on the top or sides of the site that don’t blend in.

Native advertising has the potential to revolutionize the world of website advertising.

Native ads may also include links to other articles, news or Web sites. You will often see these at the bottom of an article or page you’re reading and they’re usually captioned with something like “You might be interested in.” It’s a pretty effective way of advertising if used properly, because there is a very good chance that, in fact, the reader will be interested in what your ad has to say.

The key to native advertising is providing real value to the consumer. It shouldn’t be obvious that you’re marketing something to them, but rather giving them something they want or are interested in knowing more about. This is the one area that many online advertising agencies struggle with; they haven’t quite grasped the concept of native advertising and they have a hard time differentiating between useful content and marketing.

At uluad, we know native advertising can completely revolutionize Website advertising and online marketing, which is why we have taken the time to understand not only how it works, but also how to use native ads to achieve the best possible results. We have proven experience using ads like these on social media sites, classifieds and a huge variety of other Web pages and publications in a way that gets results.

Some advertising agencies would have you believe these ads should only be directed at younger, more tech savvy audiences. Sure, native ads often go viral or are shared across sites more than any other type of Website advertising, but younger people also have a keener eye for native advertising and are more likely to reject it unless they it’s truly exceptional.

At uluad, we use effective native advertising on a variety of platforms, but we acknowledge them for what they are—advertising. IAB, the international group that regulates the ad agency world, has strict transparency standards for native advertising. This is why you’ll always see the word “advertisement” on any promoted post. Marketing to people in any way that intends to deceive them or pass something off as news or a fact is dishonest—and illegal.

At uluad, following IAB standards is incredibly important to us and we’re not willing to compromise our integrity and values by doing anything that goes against their regulations. We are incredibly successful at using native ads in a natural way and achieving excellent results without going against the IAB, our principles or those of our clients.

Native advertising is surely the way of the future and will continue to become more prevalent in our everyday lives. uluad strives to stay ahead of the curve and offer the best natural marketing solutions available. If you’re looking to increase your visibility through social media marketing or any other type of native ad, why not let uluad show you how it’s done?