Landing page development that gets you results!

At uluad, we understand that successful online marketing involves a whole lot more than simply driving traffic to your Web page and hoping for the best. While our main focus is on using advertising—most often search advertising and AdWords—to generate interest in your site and get your target audience to click on ads that direct them to your site, we also realize that simply increasing your number of Website visitors doesn’t necessarily mean increased business and profits.

This is why we have a team of dedicated Web designers and Web developers with expertise in creating landing pages that boost conversion rates. Your landing page is where potential customers are directed after clicking on one of your ads, and it’s incredibly important that this Web page is specific to the ad they clicked on, and not just your homepage.

When a person clicks on your advertisement, they’ve already shown they are interested in a specific product or service you offer. Hold their interest and persuade them to take whatever action you’re looking for—whether it is signing up for your newsletter or making a purchase in your online store. We believe that landing pages are so important that we spend about half of our time working with our Web development team to optimize them and make them as effective as possible.

Landing pages are a great tool for advertising: Without one, a person will probably leave your site about as quickly as they came to it. You must provide them with the information they were expecting from your ads. A lot of Website design work goes into building a successful landing page, and it takes a huge amount of testing to determine what works—not just different text or calls to action, but also colors, images, and basically every single aspect of the page.

Our Web development team is constantly testing and retesting all of the landing pages we build in an attempt to get as high of a conversion rate as possible. Building a great landing page means finding a way to turn that click on your advertisement into an actual lead (phone number, email address, newsletter subscription, etc.) or into a sale (if you’re running an ecommerce site).

We are always looking for new ways of doing this, sometimes with utility advertising, sometimes with native marketing or many other advertising techniques. There is a certain psychology involved in turning your clicks into a conversion, and our Website builders are always changing our landing pages, using different ones for different ads and modifying them in a way that shows us what works and what doesn’t based on your specific business, target audience, methods of advertising, and of course the goals you’ve set out for your marketing.

At uluad, we understand how to successfully design, build and test landing pages. We make sure each one performs as well as it possibly can. We place a huge focus on conversion rate optimization and we understand the importance of having a great, informative and compelling landing page.

Landing page development is a major part of any advertising and marketing strategy that we use, and we take the time to make sure we have it exactly right. Having creative ads that people actually want to click on is all well and good, but we take it a step further and craft landing pages that turn those clicks into genuine leads or sales. And as part of our AdWords and search advertising services, we will not only design, test and redesign all of your various landing pages until they are perfect, but we host those landing pages for you on our own dedicated server.

This service is standard with our advanced search advertising programs and it takes away the burden of hosting those extra pages and using up your bandwidth. Best of all, if you choose to have us design your landing pages, there is no additional set-up costs: The landing page hosting is included as part of our monthly management fees, depending on which services you sign up for. We believe that having a high quality landing page is just as important as high quality advertising, and after seeing the results of implementing this strategy, we’re sure you’ll agree.