How to Use PPC Insights

Using tools that exist in the PPC advertising dashboard can help you target your advertising campaigns better.

Getting ahead of the competition can be difficult, especially in certain industries, and this can cause pay-per-click or PPC advertising to get expensive. However, there are tools you can use to drive strategy, bidding and messaging so that your ad dollars are put to real use.

Auction Insights

In both being ads and Google ad words, advertisers have an option for “auction insights”. This report shows competing domains and compares them to other advertisers participating in the same auction so you can see how your bids, keywords and campaign are doing. There are three areas you might want to pay particular attention to. These include:

  1. Overlap Rate

This is the percentage of time you and your competitor received impressions during the same moment.

  1. Position above Rate

The percentage of competitors that are shown on a higher position where your ad was also served.

  1. Top of Page Rate

This list the number of times the competitor ads were shown in top spots search results compared to your advertisement.

Where is the “Auction Insights” Feature?

When you are in the applicable views screen, click the “Details” drop-down box and you’ll see the “Auction Insights” option.

The Keyword Planner

Another important tool in the PPC dashboard is the keyword planner. This tool allows you to compare search rates and impression share some new keyword ideas within a certain category. It shows how competitors like compare for your new keyword list. The “Market Leaders” view also shows the domains of the top five leaders and their average ad impression share. This tool is located in the keyword planner graphs next to the “compare by competitor domain” section, and the “compare to market leaders” section.

Ad Preview Tool

This is available in both being and ad words and helps assess your competitors. You can tell you which advertisers are offered in the search results page and what ad copy messaging they are using. Just type in a keyword to see if your ad is showing for that particular keyword. Here you can also select a location to view results in that area and to compare different geographic locations. These stats can also be further segmented by type of device, which shows you how your ads vary on each device.

Bottom Line

these tools are good starting point to help you figure out what your competition is doing and how to adjust your campaigns so that your PPC ads do better at no additional cost.


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