How to Get Free Traffic to Your New Business Facebook Page



Facebook is fun, engaging and a great place to share stories, images and events…. But that’s not all it is, Facebook can also be a great place to advertise and promote your business.

While at one point, this may have been a purely social platform, this is no longer true. The current Facebook platform is slightly different from the social platform Mark Zuckerberg created back in 2008. Today, Facebook is much more than just a college student social board; it can also be an important marketing tool for businesses, one that helps gain new customers and reaches new audiences.

But to use a Facebook page effectively as a marketing tool you need to worry about getting people to “Like” your page, that way you can get your information to their news feeds so more people can see it.  There are several ways to get these Likes including the use of paid Facebook advertising. However, before you turn to this marketing method, you want to get as many FREE “Likes” as possible. Let’s look at three important free ways to get the  “Likes” you need.

Use Your Website

The biggest complaint most successful social media marketers hear from website owners is; “No one comes to my website; what’s the point of having one?” Well, when working with Facebook you really do need that website. This is the foundation of your marketing efforts. It is your sales transaction hub, your storefront. There is almost no sense in broadcasting your business to the world if you don’t have a storefront to send your leads.

By the same token, if you’ve had a website for a while, then chances are that your customers already know how to find you, and you probably already have a certain following.  When you first start advertising on Facebook you certainly want to leverage your existing website traffic and get them to participate and connect with you on Facebook. The simplest way of doing this is by placing social media icons on your website. These allow your audience to click on the links that direct them to your social media profiles.

Don’t Forget E-mail

When it comes to Facebook marketing, the more fans and likes you get, the further your message reaches. This means you want to get as many people to your Facebook page as possible. One of the most overlooked ways of doing this; a method that is often overlooked by business owners is email. That’s right your email can bring  you more social media reach in such a simple way; just add social media buttons to your email signature. That way the recipients can click the Facebook button in your email and arrive at your profile. This can convert existing business associates and friends into additional Facebook followers. This a especially a great way to get Facebook followers when first starting out as you can let all of your email contacts know about your new Facebook pages.

Promote Your Facebook In-House

Facebook has been around for a while, and if you already use the platform for personal use, then invite your fans to like your new business page. Ask close friends or employees to promote your page and invite their own friends to like it as well. You might think this has little effect on your Facebook business page, but you will be surprised by the support you get from your existing fans.



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