Have You Tried Facebook Remarketing: It Will Improve Your ROI

Facebook_icon.svgDid you know that there are remarketing campaigns on Facebook? Are you reaping these benefits?

By now you know that Facebook ads can be targeted to people who take an interest in your service or product, but I want to go over how Facebook remarketing campaigns can also increase your ROI.

What Is Remarketing?

This is a new advertising campaign product first initiated by Google. Basically it targets people who have visited your website and have already taken an interest in your product. It works like this:

A visitor comes to your site, shops around then has to leave.

When you invest in remarketing you segment your visitors and create custom ads then show these to the people who have visited but for some reason had to leave. This just offers them a little reminder that you are still there and still have that great product they want.

Now Facebook also has remarketing and can help boost your conversion and lower your overall advertising costs.  The benefit here is that you show advertising to people that are interested in your services.

For this to work you need to determine which users visit your site organically  and find them on Facebook or Twitter, which isn’t all that difficult.

Facebook Remarketing offers a Lower Cost

Compared to other remarketing costs on search engines like Google or Bing, Facebook remarketing ads are less expensive, and the reason is because  Facebook traffic is less targeted than search engine traffic, well supposedly so, but in certain cases it is even more targeted.

The theory is that on search engines, users are already  looking for the product or service so they are asking for you. On social media you are only exposing your readers and users to an ad while they are doing other activities. This results in lower costs.

More Effective

However, in many cases Facebook marketing is more effective because people tend to have more time to click on an advertisement and read through  it. Remember, on Facebook people are socializing and looking for entertainment which means they have the time to look around.

Bottom Line

Targetting audiences via Facebook can be as granular as you want. There are many filtering options that allow you to reach the audiences you seek.  Use that to your advantage.  A hyper-targetted audience guarantees cheaper traffic.

Through Facebook marketing you can convert your audience but you need to have quality and consistent marketing efforts. You must customize your message to include relevant information that customers want.


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