Google Remarketing Attracts Customers Easily

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.  – Vince Lombardi

This is the idea we have of success. Yet with the advent of the age of information technology, this definition  is no longer relevant. No longer do we have to work and toil to have that great business.

Bringing in new customers doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work hard, visit every possible client and sweet talk them into buying from you. No. now all you need is a good website, and some inexpensive advertising.

When I refer to advertising I´m not speaking about newspaper ads, but Google remarketing advertising.

What is Google Remarketing?

Well, if you haven’t been marketing on Google lately, this will be a new type of advertising for you. Search remarketing as it´s also called has recently launched and it brings display marketing into the major leagues. It allows businesses to personalize their marketing needs and reach out to potential customers without seeming to be stalkers.

It’s a type of marketing where ads are shown to visitors when they are on other websites and not necessarily looking for something related to the product at that moment. However, the benefit lies in the fact that these ads are only shown when the visitor is looking at similar sites or products. This offers a less invasive way of reaching out to customers and is less invasive than running popup ads all the time. Plus the statistics show that this remarketing is effective.

The Benefits

So you’ve tried Google advertising, and it worked but it didn’t give you the real results you wanted to see. That’s where search remarketing comes into play, and the following benefits demonstrate why:

The Rule of Seven

In advertising the Rule of Seven states that a consumer needs to see or hear your ad at least seven times before he even visits your site and takes action. This rule may not be set in stone, but it does prove that you can’t just advertise once to a client and expect them buy from you.

With search remarketing you remind your audience at those pertinent times, keeping your product at the forefront of their minds at the right times. In other words, remarketing, offers an innovative way of convincing those “ sit on the middle-of-the-fence” consumers to return to your site.

It reaches out to consumers who have visited your site and shows them relevant ads of products they’ve been interested in, when they aren´t on your site.

Increased Conversions

Most businesses who try retargeting are quite surprised to see the increased conversions. But it’s really a very simple idea. What happens is the customer goes to your store, sees something he likes, then get busy, don’t make the purchase, and go somewhere else.

Next day, he looks up something related to that product, and  gets an ad on the product he was viewing the previous day; a sort of reminder. It’s this simple process that can increase conversions by as much as 50%, especially for companies that already have traffic, but just don’t seem to be converting.

It’s the Combination that’s the Deal Maker

As an e-business you may already have a large budget dedicated to digital marketing. This includes SEO, content marketing, and PPC. And if you are already putting that much effort into marketing your services and products, you need to place some of that budget into retargeting. After all you’ve already spent money to get visitors to your site, so it doesn’t make sense to NOT follow up with your visitors and maximize the value of their visit.

Have you tried retargeting yet? What network did you use? Has it had a positive impact on your marketing efforts?

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  1. Jesus
    Jesus says:

    For cold traffic, pay per click or PPC is one of the best. However, most do-it-yourself PPC marketers loose a lot money before they ever see success. In fact, most get so frustrated, they quit. This happens often with large companies as well. They try to do these things in-house, and they would have saved time and money by outsourcing to an expert.


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