Email is Alive and Well

As is always the case, something new comes out, and the processes that have worked well take a back burner, as is the case of e-mail marketing. But many experienced marketers will tell you that email is still effective in many ways. So if you’ve ever wondered about whether email marketing still works we have the answer for you.


It’s Still Alive

Email is not dead. In fact, many successful marketers say that email marketing is the core to their business marketing strategy. There are more than a few reasons, but 68% of those surveyed listed the following benefits:

  • Email indirectly impacts business performance
  • It offers easy access to customers
  • Primary conversions are directly linked to email


An Innovative Marketing Strategy

No matter what the size of your marketing team or of the programs you use, you need to create a plan for your email campaigns. You can do this when you:

  • Take inventory of your digital marketing efforts and of your customer lifecycle stages. What does it take to acquire, get people onboard, engage and retain customers.
  • Identify the marketing gaps you have with the different customer lifecycle stages. Implement email campaigns that give your readers some type of engagement during these gaps. This helps you acquire, engage ad retain them.


Email is not Dead: It has Just Changed

New emerging email marketing trends are changing. More and more consumers are buying smartphones at a very fast pace. In Canada, the US, Europe and Australia as much as 60% of the population is reading email on smartphones.

Use Responsive Design

Determine the number of readers that open your emails on a mobile device. If you are like many website owners, you’ll have a lot of these readers. To help them identify and read your email put a responsive design plan in action for your campaigns. The biggest new trend in email marketing is in redesigning your campaigns to improve click-through rates on mobile devices.

The Importance of Email Content

Another important trend  is relevance.  Our email marketing pros demand relevant information that is targeted and personalized.  Marketers should avoid sending generic sales information and focus on meaningful messages that customers can actually use.

Easy to Share Call to Action

The call to action also comes in front and center. Avoid using text, images or anything between your reader and what you want them to do. The call to action needs to be direct and located within the first three sentences of the content. However, this needs to be a well-thought-out call to action which draws the attention of your readers and inspires them to take action.

As You Can See….

Email marketing isn’t dead. It’s just growing up. You have to organize and approach it differently. You need to make your email relevant and get to the point quickly. Just keep in mind that people just don’t have as much time to surf the internet as they once did.


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