Do You Know What Your Competition is Doing on Facebook?

Once you start working on Facebook the first thing you want to know is whether or not your competition is working on Facebook ro not. Are they getting the engagement and massive reach that you want

How Do You Find Out?

While you really shouldn’t copy the strategies your competitors use, it is helpful to understand and study their posts, traffic and interaction. That’s how you might get ideas on how to tweak and change your own posting strategy. You can build off of the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t for others. To do that we’ll show you how to research your competition, see what they are doing on Facebook and study their success or failures.

Set Up the Facebook Pages to Watch

In Facebook there is an option called Facebook Pages to Watch. This offers a great way to start your research. It’s located in the Insight area of your Facebook page. Don’t worry page owners don’t realize you’ve put them on your list, they just get notified that someone has them on their pages to watch list. Just visit the “Overview”tab of the Insights section and locate the “Pages to Watch” section. Click “Add Pages” and search for selected pages to watch.
Add your competitors, as well as other pages that are in related industries. You can add as many as 100 pages to your list.
Once you’ve added the pages you want, you can check them regulary and note how many times they post and the type of engagement they get.

Compare These To Your Own Posts

In the same Insights section, go to the Top posts form Pages you watch. This shows the top five posts, and you can then compare this information to the activity you get on your own posts.

Create An Interest List

Another great way to monitor different pages is to place them on your Facebook interest list. Just click on “Interests” in the left sidebar of your personal Facebook page and click the “Add Interests” selection, then click on “Create List. The purpose in doing this is to check the types of things other people post about, without your having to navigate to the individual page.

Use Tools like Post Planner

Pages to watch is a great way to get better insights, there is also a great tool to help you figure out what images get the best engagement. This tool allows you to access viral photos that come from a variety of different pages.

Get Simply Measured Free Reports

You can also access free reports that analyze your competition on different social media platforms. The best tool for doing this is called Simply Measured. This measures the stats on Facebook, but also on other sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vine and Google+.

Bottom Line

It’s important you keep an eye on the competition, that way you can discover different ways, and different types of content that work in your industry.. Just remember to always keep your own brand and messge in mind when posting. While your competitor may post a ton of animal videos, this might be getting better engagement, but it’s not really helping with any marketing effort.

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