Change, Change, Change: That’s What Business Facebook Marketing is All About

The Rolling Stones, remember them?

The song, “You Can’t always Get What You Want” comes to mind when I think of change.

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need.”

Lessons are learned every day—or they should be – so we really shouldn’t have a problem with that, right?

Whether positive or negative, life and business is full of lessons.
The world of business is everchanging, and that means continual learning, Change is good. But if change isn’t your thing, well, you still need to get ready for it, as Facebook is changing the way it works for business users.

New Facebook Changes in 2015

You may have already noticed these changes. Notice that your page posts aren’t showing up as frequently in the news feeds anymore? Have your company’s engagement levels decreased? The reason is because of these changes.
According to Facebook, they are going to improve the user’s experience by reducing the number of overly promotional page posts in the user’s feed.

Here are some of the characteristics that Facebook considers too promotional:

  • Posts that only sell a product or service
  • Posts that push sweepstakes or promotions
  • Posts that use content from advertisements
    So if Facebook Pages are an important part of your marketing strategy, you may find that Facebook advertising is now the way to go.

What If I don’t have a large advertising budget?

  • When you don’t have a Facebook advertising budget, you might want to consider the following:
    Analyze your marketing efforts and create content that engages, informs and gives real tips that audiences can learn from and share.
  • Use links but within the page as well as in the captions.
  • Run a test. See what posts get the most engagement. Try posting advice, or tips within our industry.
  • Post images on Pinterest and instagram and cross post to Facebook.
  • Use the social media content calendar to schedule your posts.

What If My budget is Small?

One of the benefits of social media is that advertising is flexible and can be siloed down to your budget. Facebook allows you to target ads strategically and gives you better efficiency than many other forms of advertising.

Organic Facebook Marketing Tips

On Facebook there are ways to sell without really selling. These ar a few tips to help you expand your organic audience.

  • Stop focusing on the Sale. Facebook is social oriented so make it social.
  • Post good content on Facebook. Share your ideas and your blogs here.
  • Empower your colleagues to participate.
  • Respond to questions, doubts or issues.

Now that you are empowered with the ability to change and meet those new Facebook requirements. Let’s bring it on.

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