Google Ad Grants Certified Professionals & Google Partners 

uluad is proud to be a member of the Google Ads Grants Certified Professional Community, which Google developed worldwide to look after and manage nonprofit organizations’ accounts and help them utilize their grant by driving relevant and substantial engagement and outcomes.

The grant program has very distinct requirements that must be met, far more rigorous than a standard Google Ads paid account, therefore Google has invested considerable time in carefully analyzing accounts managed by vendors. Among the thousands of agencies worldwide, only 46 have demonstrated consistent success, and we are proud to be one of the few in the United States that have been granted entry into the esteemed Google Ad Grants Certified Professional community.

Google reports that nonprofits who use one of the 45 vendors in the Google Ads Grant Professional community drive eight times higher conversion rates than when managed outside of the Grant community.

As members, we have access to exclusive educational opportunities to ensure we are up on all the latest and greatest features and functions of the Google Ads Grant platform. The benefits also include meeting with a dedicated Google representative on a routine basis to gain new insights and best practices, early access to new platform features, and access to ongoing marketing and training materials.

Google selects agencies that have proven and demonstrated effective management of Google Ads Grant accounts while maintaining the values and goals Google has set forth. Approved agencies must meet and maintain all performance and quality thresholds as well as demonstrate a strong knowledge and grasp for the overall account management of the grant accounts.

To maintain the Google badge, vendors must ensure the accounts they manage consistently show advancing ad revenue and growth, as well as expanding the nonprofit’s customer base. 

Additionally, agencies must regularly optimize the Google Ads accounts through recommendations. Every account must maintain an optimization score of 80% or higher.