Display ads helps build awareness for your business.

Display Ads & Branding

Most digital marketing agencies make use of display advertising, banners and the like as a way to hopefully drive more traffic to your Website. These banner ads are typically displayed on popular Websites and should be targeted at certain groups of people—based on age, gender, interests, browsing history, etc.—who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Display advertising is far and away one of the most common advertising techniques, although this should probably be obvious considering the number of banner ads we see on a daily basis. As an online marketing tool for driving traffic to your Website, this can be (and sometimes is) quite an effective tool. However, the problem is that most digital marketing agencies focus almost entirely on the click through rate (CTR)—that is, how many people click on the ads and are taken to your site.

CTR can be quite a good measurement of how effective these banner and display ads are at getting people to visit your site. However, unlike most other online marketing firms, uluad knows that CTR is not the only way to measure the effectiveness of these ads. This is because even if people don’t actually click on the ads to get to your site, it doesn’t mean the display advertising isn’t having an effect on them.

Branding your company with display advertising is good digital marketing

After all, how often do you really click on banner ads, even when you’re searching for the products or services the ad is promoting? The truth is that there is a certain portion of people who will likely never click on your display ads, no matter how well crafted they are. They prefer to search and find products, services or information on their own.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid display advertising; as we mentioned previously, measuring success is about much more than just how many people click on your banner ads. The real effect of display advertising comes in how it helps you brand your company, creating an identity and name that people will remember. Even if people don’t actually click on your ads, but they still remember your company later on, you’ve successfully increased your brand awareness.

This is where we at uluad believe the real effectiveness of display advertising lies—not necessarily in driving traffic to your site, but in increasing your brand’s visibility and making sure people remember you in the future. In fact, this type of banner advertising has shown to be hugely effective for branding both major corporations and small companies alike, which is why you’ll still see big brand names like Coca-Cola and REI using these same advertising techniques. They are both fully aware of the importance of branding.

This is why uluad continues to include this type of advertising in our portfolio—not for lead generation (although it still can have this effect on a small scale), but for branding. We offer a variety of display advertising as part of our larger digital marketing work, including mobile advertising that has shown strong results in increasing brand awareness.

Our display and banner ads are available on any platform, so you get mobile marketing along with your standard Web display ads. And we use a variety of other methods to measure any increase in your brand awareness, looking at branded searches (i.e., how many people are specifically searching for your company). In addition, we also closely measure your Website traffic before, during and after any display advertising campaigns. This is because even if people don’t actually click on your banner or mobile advertising, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t still visit your Website at another time.

We have proven experience with using display and mobile marketing as part of a larger branding strategy, and unlike many other online marketing agencies, we take the time to accurately measure your brand awareness throughout every step of the campaign. This gives us a much better and clearer overall view of how effective all of our advertising techniques are, which just isn’t possible if you look solely at CTR.

Using display advertising for branding is a good marketing strategy.

Of course, we will provide all of this information to you in an easy to read white paper so you can quantify just how successful our various advertising techniques are in increasing your sales, driving traffic to your site and making people more aware of your brand so that it sticks with them.

uluad’s team are experts at branding and we believe that it can be one of the most powerful tools for increasing the success of your business. So why choose a digital marketing firm that focuses on a narrow viewpoint like CTR, when you can choose a firm like uluad that takes the time to see the bigger picture.