Big Plans for Hospitality Related Marketing

Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s time for owners of hospitality websites to start their advertising campaigns. To help you along we’ve put together 6 essential tips to make your summer vacation the best it can be.

There are a slew of positives within the travel industry this year. Low unemployment rates, low gas prices and a strong U.S. dollar makes this summer a big one for families who want to go on summer vacations.

But that’s not just our opinion, marketing data and research also supports this strong correlation. According to Choice Hotels International, Americans will spend about 10 percent more on travel this year than last.

What Does That Mean for You?

As a digital marketer, this means more digital searches for travel related information. eMarketer suggests U.S. digital travel sales will reacy $153 billion which is up six percent this year. Because these are big numbers you need to make your travel marketing campaign the best it can be.

Plan your Campaign and Allocate a Budget for Summer and Winter

Travel related searches run higher twice a year, during summer and winter. The search peak for summer runs from June to August and the winter season runs from December to January.

Plan accordingly, and have both campaigns and budgets ready to connect with leisure travelers when they are planning, researching and booking both their summer and winter vacations.

Bid on Brand Terms

Bing Ads suggest that bidding on brand tems offers a high click yield and a decrease in click throughs for competitor ads. So brand terms get more clicks and keep you competitors from winning out on you. This research also shows you do better when ou use the most prominent ad spot, the Main Line or ML1, and this is especially helpful for the small advertiser.

Target the Last Minute Traveler

Many travelers book their reservation at the last minute. In fact this accounts for about half of all travelers. To make your advertising more productive address these consumers.


Use Cross-Device Campaigns

The search engine is the traveler’s best friend, as such, its critica that you meet travel searchers need where they are whether that’s in the travel destination, on a PC, at work, at home, on a tablet or on a smartphone. The Yahoo Bing network has seen a 43 percent year over year increase in the number of smartphone searches that relate to travel and this may keep growing.

Inspire Travelers to Stay Longer

Entice visitors to take longer vacations, by using ad copy and time-based offers to inspire them to stay for longer periods of time.

Bottom Line

2015 is poised to be the best year yet for the travel industry and the upside is that travel marketing is sure to be effective this year. However, it’s important you understand your customers and apply proven marketing insights to have one of the best summer’s ever.

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