7 PPC Trends for 2015

What’s next for PPC marketing? That’s what every expert out there is rushing to figure out, and considering how often Google makes updates and how many new ad products we see unleashed each year, with good reason.

The only thing we know for certain is change

And while no one is certain of what’s next, we can certainly make a few educated guesses of where the PPC industry is headed. The end-of-year is the best time to take a step back and review the year, then plan for our markeitn future. The following are a few useful insights  and predictions of what we might expect in the upcoming year.

ppc trends for 2015

Get Mobile Ready

In 2014 we saw a huge increase in click throughs form smartphones, and this is expected to increase through 2015. We also might see search engines adopt mobile-specific features that they are already testing.  Although mobile is not new, the majority of advertisers haven’t upgraded their websites so they are viewable on mobile devices as yet. We predict that mobile PPC will go even more mainstream by 2015.

 Bigger and Better Persona Targeting

In a recent conversation with John Gagnon of Bing, we learned that retargeting will become more mainstream.  Ads will be set according to how a person interacted with a website, we’ll build a bigger pool of targeted audiences based on this site activity.

 Increase in People-Based PPC

I think we’ll see a rise in social media marketing solutions that will change the way we work with PPC. Our ability to interconnect the PC and phone devices, and our ability to upload pictures, information and emails can make PPC marketing feel more like email marketing.

 PPC advertising will Work Better with the Current Content

In 2015, expert marketers believe online ads will increase revenue more than ever before. More people are adding content everyday, and that means this content can support more ads which leads to profits on all sides.

 Google will Phase out Keyword Targeting

Some PPC specialists believe that Google will phase out keyword targeting and instead use alternate targeting methods such as psychographic audience targeting, product feeds and page crawling.

Priority on the Marketing Message

Today we see a small shift from standard PPC ads to marketers who are now testing the message, either by device, style or tactic. This testing offers the making of a successful marketing campaign.

 Video Ads Will Be Big

We believe there will be a substantial growth in video advertising. Some predictions place Facebook video advertising revenue at $7.2 billion by 2015 and YouTube’s revenue is predicted to grow from last year’s $4 billion to $31 billion by 2024.


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