6 Important Email Marketing Tips


Write a few lines, add your name, upload a picture in your email marketing campaign is done, right? Well, not necessarily so. Despite what you might hear, email marketing is complex, and best carried out by a professional. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful, and do it in a relatively simple way. Here are 6 email marketing tips that you want to remember for your next campaign.


Don’t Forget Your Links

The real purpose of your email is to bring traffic to your landing page, your products or your website. So without having links to your page or website, your readers can sign up and become customers. The solution is very easy. Just add links every place where a reader might click. You should have at least one link per paragraph and ensure that these look like actual links. You also want to use a strong call to action or authoritative “click here” message.

Minimize Your Use of Images

Keep in mind that email is not a print-mail piece. Some recipients will not get your images, so you need to equally divide image space with text. Use well coded HTML instead of image heavy design, and avoid sending out an email with just one big image and nothing else.

Make It Easy to Unsubscribe

It’s important that you make it easy to unsubscribe to a mailing list, otherwise, you risk having your email flagged as spam. Every user who flags your email as spam counts against your reputation and makes it harder for your email to go into the inbox of your readers.

Pay Attention to Your Email Template Dimensions

Email messages can’t be too big. You just don’t have a lot of space in a person’s inbox convey a large message. It’s important that you remember that most users will be viewing your email in a preview pane and may even have the image feature turned off.  That’s why you should make sure your html email template isn’t larger than 600 pixels wide.

Keep Your Text Short and Easy to Read

Most users don’t read the entire email, especially not if it’s very long. They are only going to scan for key points that might interest them. Keep text short with small paragraphs and bullets. Use font bolding and colors to highlight important words. Too much text makes a reader simply delete it.

Keep Your Email List Clean

There is no value in keeping incorrect emails, those that are formatted incorrectly or those that have undeliverable addresses.  If your list has a large number of undeliverable emails, your provider will flag you as spam, and that means your email won’t get to the emails that are correct either.


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