5 Critical Questions You Should Ask for your PPC or Social Media Ad Campaigns

Part of the reason we have so many problems with understanding digital marketing and the different tasks or features that make it functional is “The Terminology.”  Today, I want to talk about the statistics and more importantly, the difference between a good keyword and a bad one.

So how does a metric be good or bad, and what do those Keywords do? Why are they important?

A Deeper Understanding

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As a continual learner of languages, writing and grammar, I firmly believe that if you are going to understand a word, a term for a sentence you have to break it down into its various parts. So let’s try to understand this concept. Let’s break the term “keyword” into its separate parts.

Key – and that is crucial, central, critical, important or significant. When something is key to something else it is a significant part of the whole. For instance, when making a margarita, tequila is a key ingredient.

Word – a term used to describe a process, a thing, an action, or a description

when these come together a keyword is a word that is critical to the identity of your business to your consumers. Essentially these are the Key terms that consumers use to find your business online, the terms they use to search and find your online presence and become your customer.

How to Find the Right Key Terms for Your business?

Well, this is a two step process. First you need to think of the goals you have for any campaign.

Let me offer an example:

If you have a hotel and your objective is to get more reservations on your hotel site, then “reservations” and derivatives of this key term paired with hotel should be your main keyword group. These are the terms you will request your ads to show up under.

BUT just because you think a “Keyword” is the term typed into the search engines to find your industry, doesn’t necessarily mean your customers see these as important search terms. In fact, the majority of consumers may choose a term you never even thought of using.

That´s where analytics comes in handily; Google and Bing both analyze key terms and the number of times a specific term is placed into the search engine “Search Box”.  These statistics are available and show you which terms are the most searched for by your consumer. The stats also list other related words used by people searching for your type of product or service.

When using any type of marketing campaign whether it is remarketing, PPC or even social media marketing, key words become a critical part of the success of your campaign. So you must analyze the words you choose for your marketing campaign very carefully. To help you identify the positive from the negative ask yourself these 5 questions.

5 Questions to ask about your Keyword to Better Identify the Targeted Audience


  1. Have you looked at your chosen keywords and wondered whether these really identify the needs of your consumer? Have you looked at the metrics? Are you suing the right metrics?
  2. Do your Keywords define your goal. If you have to explain the keyword you are using, then it´s the wrong one. The main keyword should be easy to identify, easy to see how consumers would use it to find a service or product like yours.
  3. Do your supporting key terms relate to what consumers want and are looking for in a business like yours.
  4. Do you have too many key terms

I love key terms, it´s like trying to figure out what thousands of other people are thinking when they search from you, but basing that thought process on statistics. However there does come a time when you have just too many key words for your PPC and social media campaigns.

Sure you want to list for key words on a local level. So if your PPC campaign were directed to a specific audience in the Santa Rosa area, you would want to use keywords that relate to Santa Rosa Ca. But PPC campaigns in Santa Rosa, aren’t always limited to the local audiences so you must consider other broader terms as well.


Key terms or keywords are an important if not crucial part of any type of advertising campaign. They must be selected carefully in your PPC campaign, used in your copy and social media advertising campaigns. These help increase your traffic and ultimately improve your ROI so that you can target other search terms on both a local and international level.


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